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by on Mar.22, 2009, under Blog, Life


It’s been sometime since I had a proper site and with work taking up a majority of my time I never found time to truly sit  down and keep a consistent portfolio of work. Over the last few months I’ve slowly been building this website since about December of 2008. I started off with the design and went through countless color schemes, layouts and struggled to find something I was happy with after a few days. I finally put together what you see now after a solid month of designing and then moved on to the build which took me about 2 months. Generally I work more efficiently but working full time takes a lot of energy from you when it comes to going home and doing more design/development.

That being said, the portfolio aspect of my site is not to the tune of a normal portfolio. I currently don’t have the time to site down and provide in depth explanations about what I’m working on and at the same time, I’m not seeking any work. I merely want to be able to provide an easy way for those who are interested to keep up with what I’m doing and stay in touch. The home page to my website will provide as a funnel to any new work I’m showcasing or upcoming work along with posts from my blog. This should keep the site consistently fresh with content, be it from my blog or portfolio.

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