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Article: Why Designers Need ForeverSave

by on Apr.28, 2010, under Blog, Design

Time Machine is a great tool for every Mac user to have installed and running but it doesn’t even come close to matching what ForeverSave has to offer for designers and professionals in various multimedia fields.

I only recently discovered ForeverSave but thanks to a free 30 Day trial that didn’t limit its features in anyway it was very obvious how useful this would be for me. Here’s the quick pitch for the application from their website:

Data loss, caused by application crashes and unintentional overwriting will become history.  ForeverSave automatically creates versions of your documents. In case you lose one, just restore it and continue your work.

If what your thinking right now is along the lines of “wow how have I never discovered this before” then welcome to my life 31 days ago.

The Dreaded Crash

“Photoshop has unexpectedly crashed”*. Ring a bell for anyone? It’s essentially one of the worst things that can happen when you realize “shit I haven’t saved this in awhile”. Losing your work isn’t fun. It costs you time, money and well time. Your left with an out of date idea that you need to update so it replicates what you originally had which is frustrating. Plain and simple: it sucks.

*I know you’ve seen this recently on your own Mac so check out the
Photoshop Crash Reports
blog for some comedic relief.

What ForeverSave Does For You:

ForeverSave makes automatic backups based on certain specifications you set per application. I’ve set my Photoshop to auto save whenever I switch applications and to save every 15 minutes while working on an any open files. On top of that it will prompt you to save those common “Untitled-1″ documents you’ve forgotten to initially save.

You can apply this to anything that needs back ups form word documents to InDesign files and Final Cut projects, it will save you heaps of time next time your application crashes or you unexpectedly lose power.

I Wish I Hadn’t Done That

Of course you can think of it in an entirely different light. Have you ever worked on something and wished you could go back but your history just wont let you go any further?  Not to worry, just pull up a previous version if you need to refer to an item from an old design or just want to start fresh from a certain point.

Download It Already!

I’ve already been talking to much, if you weren’t convinced after the 2nd paragraph then I don’t know what else I can say (besides your crazy!). The full cost to buy ForeverSave is only $14.95 so go download the 30 day trial and see how it works for you. Forever Save’s website also has a full run down of what the applicaiton has to offer; a good place to start is the “Top 10 Features”.

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